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Shenyang Guang Tai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

"Shenyang Enterprise Technology Center" title!

"Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center" title!

"Liaoning Vacuum Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center" Platform




Vacuum sintering furnace with gloves box

Strip caster

Welcome the director of science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province to visit our company

Shenyang Guangtai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Guangtai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “GTVAC”)

is a high-tech enterprise integrating vacuum equipment R&D, sales and manufacturing which locates in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the national equipment manufacture base with occupied area 34,000m2 and structure area 21,000m2. GTVAC has riveting, machining, assembly, plating and leaking inspection workshops, as well as large scale machining equipment, for instance CNC floor type boring machine and vertical lathes. 

Vacuum furnaces for optical communication special quartz products, semiconductor grade quartz products, quartz tube and rod purification and quartz ballast products

Vacuum Ingot Furnace, Vacuum Slice Furnace, Single-chamber and Multi-chamber Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace



Vacuum brazing and heat treatment


Solutions for Vacuum Casting Furnace, Continuous Hydrogen Crushing Furnace, (Automatic Press), Single-chamber and Multi-chamber Continuous Sintering Furnace, Dysprosium (Terbium), IVD Vacuum Aluminum Plating and even the whole automated production line


Hydrogen storage battery field


Single-chamber and multi-chamber vacuum brazing and heat treatment furnaces, sintering furnaces, annealing furnaces and high-pressure gas quenching furnaces with world leading technology

Special Alloy Field

Periodic and Semi-continuous Vacuum Induction Ingot Casting Furnace and Single Crystal Furnace


Aerospace field

Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Field

High-end quartz products field

High temperature graphitization furnace, CVD vapor deposition furnace and high temperature sintering furnace

Powder Metallurgy

Vacuum atomization pulverizing equipment with world leading technology from 200 g experimental equipment to 200 kg mass production equipment