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Shenyang Guang Tai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenyang Guangtai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise dedicated to research and development, design and manufacture of advanced vacuum equipment for functional materials and new materials.

Founded in 2013, the company is located in Shenfu New Area, Liaoning Province, the earliest national vacuum Research Institute and national equipment manufacturing base in China, with a planar area of 34,000_. The total building area of R&D office building and five workshops, including machineries, riveting, electrical, assembly and auxiliary workshops, is 21,000_. The production, manufacturing and testing equipment is well equipped. Liang.

The company advocates "technology leads progress, innovation drives development", recruits talents, gathers elites, and sets up a research and design team with strong technical force. There are more than 30 senior engineers and engineers, of whom 5 have more than 30 years experience in vacuum equipment design. The company also employs 4 domestic experts and 3 foreign technical experts. As a consultant, and with Shenyang Vacuum Research Institute (national level), Northeast University and other long-term production, teaching and research cooperation.

Over the years, the technical team has been striving for continuous progress in high-temperature vacuum, ultra-high vacuum, energy-saving vacuum, large-scale vacuum and vacuum automation. It has gained more than 50 independent intellectual property rights, 4 invention patents and undertook "Key Technologies Laboratory of Vacuum Equipment for Functional Materials in Liaoning Province" and "Enterprise Technology in Shenyang City". Many projects have been listed in Shenyang Emerging Industries Development Focus, Science and Technology Planning Research and Development Project, and 100 Major Science and Technology Research and Development Projects.

The company concentrates on the application of high-end vacuum equipment in the global frontier, and develops and manufactures advanced vacuum equipment for rare earth functional materials, optical fibers, special alloys, special coatings, amorphous materials, high-end quartz, carbon products, aerospace, semiconductor, photovoltaic, nano-products and other fields, involving vacuum induction casting furnace, high temperature vacuum firing. There are twelve series of vacuum furnace, such as furnace, high temperature vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum dehydroxylation furnace, optical fiber heat treatment furnace, graphitization vacuum furnace, CVD chemical vapor deposition vacuum furnace, PVD physical vapor deposition vacuum coating machine, vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace, vacuum gas atomizing furnace, amorphous rapid quenching vacuum furnace, etc. Among them, 800G vacuum smelting furnace, type III vacuum induction casting furnace, multi-chamber continuous sintering furnace, large-scale optical fiber heat treatment furnace, special coating PVD vacuum coating and other equipment technology fill the domestic gap and reach the international leading level.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "making friends all over the world, trustworthiness is more important than Mount Tai", and wholeheartedly provides users with excellent equipment and high-quality services. Over the years, with the support of various circles, the company has flourished. In the field of rare earth permanent magnet materials, hydrogen storage materials and optical fiber materials, it has become the first supplier of vacuum equipment in succession, and its overall technical level. It ranks among the top three in the vacuum industry in China and has been recognized by the industry in the international market. The equipment is exported to MQ, Shinyue Chemical, Hitachi Metal and other companies in the United States. After many visits to the company, Datong Special Steel Co., Ltd. of Japan decided in 2016 to jointly produce the world's leading multi-chamber continuous vacuum sintering furnace.

Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. The company will, as always, act in good faith and trust in quality, work hand in hand with the vast number of new and old customers and all the members of the company, make further efforts, integrate 5G technology to implement intelligent manufacturing, vigorously promote equipment automation and intelligence, and integrate advanced foreign vacuum technology, at the same time, make the company's original inventions strong enough to fill the promotion of special authenticity. Vacuum furnace type, special vacuum coating machine and other key equipment, Guangtai company to build our functional materials and new materials field of the most trusted advanced vacuum equipment manufacturing base, create a national brand vacuum industry, and become an excellent supplier of vacuum equipment with international competitiveness!