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Vacuum induction melting and casting furnace

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Vacuum induction sintering furnace GVIS-1015



Vacuum induction sintering furnace is utilized for metal alloys or nonmetal materials thermal processing, which includes high temperature sintering, graphitizing, bright annealing or degassing, under vacuum environment or protective gas atmosphere through radiation heating of graphite elements heated by induction coil of which current generating from intermediate frequency power supply.


Application:Carbon product graphitization, ceramic materials, boron carbides,  silicon carbides, high melting  metals, cemented alloys,  powder materials sintering/recrystallizing. 


Features:Induction heating to avoid high temperature insulation issues, low pressure control to meet special atmosphere process requirements, dust filter to protect vacuum system. dewaxing unit or degreasing unit as optional items relying on different materials or processes.



Furnace types are able to be tailor-made in accordance with processes and production requirements of customers.

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