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Vacuum heat treating furnace

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Vacuum heat treating furnace GVH-669




Vacuum heat treating furnace is utilized for workpieces, which are made from stainless steel, electrical steel,die steel, heat resistance alloys, refractory alloys, copper & copper alloys, titanium alloys, high temperature alloys, iron-based materials and nickel-based materials, heat treatment processing including annealing,  degassing, tempering and solution by resistance heating under vacuum environment or inert gas atmosphere.  


Application:Cutter & cutting tools, measuring tools, stainless steel bearings & shafts, stainless steel tensile parts,medical apparatus and instruments, kitchen ware, bath suites, etc.


Features:Clean vacuum environment, one zone or multi-zone temp. control, uniform heating and cooling, heating elements and insulation lining can be chosen according to processes, easy operation and maintenance.  



Furnace types are able to be tailor-made in accordance with processes and production requirements of customers.

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