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Vacuum three chamber heat treating furnace

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Vacuum three chamber heat treating furnace GVH3-6490




Vacuum sintering furnace, which consists of preparing chamber, heating chamber and gas-cooling chamber, each chamber is isolated by gate valves into independent processing environment, is a fully automated production equipment applicable to thermal processes including annealing, degassing, tempering and solution under vacuum environment or inert gas atmosphere after metal workpieces are transferred by rollers and guide rails from one chamber to the other successively.



Application:Cutter & cutting tools, measuring tools, stainless steel bearings & shafts, stainless steel tensile parts,medical apparatus and instruments, kitchen ware, bath suites, etc.



Features:High vacuum and cleaning environment, independent constant processing environment, stable heating radiation, full automation, high production efficiency, optimal product homogeneity. 



Furnace types are able to be tailor-made in accordance with processes and production requirements of customers.

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