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Party activity recorded nine hundred eighteen memorial visit

2015/09/28 11:53
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To commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist war, September 15 afternoon company party company party branch organization to carry out patriotic education, visited the Mukden Memorial Pavilion on display from the beginning of the Mukden Incident, the Chinese Anti-Japanese bloody history of war.

Walk through a halls, we saw Pingdingshan Massacre not cold bones, grim expression Tongsu Japanese invaders in criminal acts. With order to visit and see the cruel rule of the Japanese in the Northeast, embezzlement lot of resources, conduct experiments on humans, appalling; see the soldiers and civilians of the Northeast Anti-Japanese War, prison Zhao Man, anti-Japanese hero Yang Jingyu, snow later The large birch, to reproduce the Japanese fighters and sit around a campfire round camping scene. Them in order to fight the invaders, to defend the motherland dedicate their lives, their deeds will be passed down from generation to generation; see the Communist Party led the people across the country to resist the invaders, anti-Japanese movement climaxes; finally we saw Japan's unconditional surrender, heinous war criminals were brought to trial on the history, by the trial justice.

Through this visit, we firmly everyone should remember this shame of history! Ear melodies gently sounded, that every Chinese person must be able to sing the melody - "Chinese nation to the most dangerous time," right, whenever you have to remember that it is "the most dangerous time," We should always have a sense of national crisis, the only way for the country's future, to rise to the nation, in order to allow their continued strenuous efforts!