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The company will supervise the audit summary

2015/09/28 11:59
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September 6th Company quality control and Social Security Minister Li Zhiguo chaired the company's surveillance audit summary, meetings on Minister Li for the company audit oversight Several issues exist in the relevant departments were summarized and reported. Surveillance audits in all departments for the problems expressed their rectification.

Xiayong Dong, deputy general manager for the supervision and audit of various departments arise during the operation of the quality system problems requests, all departments should earnestly study and quality system standard requirements, to the quality system requirements of work into work to ensure that the quality system normalization, daily and standardization.

Shun steel, general manager of the company attended the meeting and affirmed run against the results of the company's quality system, and require the company to conduct full learning quality management system requirements to ensure full participation in quality systems work, common understanding, unified standards, the company's product quality enhance and improve to a new level and standard.