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Developments and trends of Chinese magnetic materials industry

2015/09/28 13:16
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As consumers quality display products, display, energy saving have become increasingly demanding, OLED (organic light-emitting) technology have emerged, the current industry has a voice, and that is a decade into the mainstream OLED will replace LCD , OLED is being hailed as "the next generation of flat panel displays," "Dream display" technology.


Based on the characteristics of OLED display technology advantages, foreign and Chinese industries are those within the technology, applications, industry as well as standard and actively carried out research. Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province Cigna total investment 500 million construction of OLED panel mass production line, in October 2008 officially put into operation; Shanghai University and Shanghai SVA (Group) Co., Ltd. under SVA Electron joint formation of "Shanghai University - SVA Electron flat panel display joint engineering technology center "will also invest about 1.5 to 2 billion to start construction of OLED panel production base in 2009; Samsung SDI (Samsung SDI), LG Philips LCD company Chi Mei Optoelectronics, rhenium treasure already in mass production of small size OLED panel, many Japanese plants including Sony, Epson, Toshiba Matsushita Display (TMD), Hitachi (Hitachi) and domestic Sichuan rainbow, as Sichuan Changhong, Truly Electronics, has quietly restarted developed production line to join the small size panel production line, the Taiwan plant such as AUO, TPO, etc., are also waiting to see the appropriate cut time.


Establishing a domestic large-scale OLED production line, many international and domestic mainstream display terminal products manufacturers to join, users OLED display products for a lot of consumer demand. OLED has become the focus of development so that the future direction of display technology. Faced with the huge industrial development and investment potential, vendors, investors, how to more accurately grasp the law of development of OLED industry, comb more deeply the value?


China Digital Home Industry Alliance, "2009 China OLED Industry Development Seminar" in the number of New Media (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.-sponsored, will be held by the China Video Industry Association, February 25, 2009 in Beijing Wanshou Hotel. Meeting in the 'current status and future OLED technology trends and directions,' 'the current environment and development status OLED industry,' 'China OLED industry development policy interpretation' and '2008 China OLED industry chain competitive analysis,' '2008- 2012 China OLED industry size, growth trends, industry environment and structural trends' and other popular lecture topics, so industry research institutions, the industry and other downstream manufacturers of the meeting with great enthusiasm, and look forward at the meeting jointly explore OLED industry development model.


The meeting will also invite people to participate in all areas of OLED. OLED project will Tsinghua University Study Group, National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan as the representative of the industry academics, third-party industry research firm DisplaySearch, AUO, Konka, Changhong and other enterprises as well as industry news watchers will gather in one, on the OLED industry changes , the international dimension of technical standards, technical applications, the OLED industry summarize the current situation and industry trends, analysis of industrial development law; from technological evolution, research on multiple aspects of the industry chain and downstream industry chain and terminal application development and other fields to explore the direction of industrial development, thus a more comprehensive analysis of the driving force of the development of OLED industry and obstacles, analysis of end-market demand, grasp the direction of industrial development, and obtains valuable trend analysis and quantitative results. "China New Technology Symposium OLED Industry Development Forum" sincerely welcome OLED industry on downstream manufacturers, research institutions and other stakeholders to participate in the conference to work together to build a complete industrial chain of China OLED.