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Shenyang Guang Tai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

"Shenyang Enterprise Technology Center" title!

"Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center" title!

"Liaoning Vacuum Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center" Platform



2015-09-28 01:20:00
Company quality recording standardize business training
Quality control and Social Security Minister company employees for part of the company process quality control records and substandard goods recorded a single, complete without specification premise.
2015-09-28 11:59:00
The company will supervise the audit summary
September 6th Company quality control and Social Security Minister Li Zhiguo chaired the company's surveillance audit summary, meetings on Minister Li for the company audit oversight Several issues ex
2015-09-28 11:58:00
The company will hold preliminary basketball game
2015-09-28 11:53:00
Party activity recorded nine hundred eighteen memorial visit
To commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist war, September 15 afternoon company party company party branch organization to carry out patriotic education, visited
2015-09-28 11:50:00
Celent basketball game finals
The first session of Thai Cup basketball game, in at 12:55 on September 25 with the referee's final whistle sounded, the company basketball game officially ended, the company basketball game lasted ni
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