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Welcome the director of science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province to visit our company

2019/06/21 11:46
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On the morning of June 21, 2019, Wang Danan, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Department of science and technology of Liaoning Province, visited our company for investigation and research, and had a deep understanding of the company's development and business development.



Wang Danan, director of the Department, visited and guided five workshops of the company. Liu shungang, general manager of the company, reported on the development of the company, the performance of the company's products, the strategic layout and development ideas for future development, and the promotion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Wang Danan, director of the Department, inquired about the promotion of the policies of encouraging scientific and technological innovation projects in the province to enterprises and scientific and technological service industries, and put forward constructive guidance for the future work of the company.



After the visit, director Wang Danan expressed his affirmation and praise for the achievements made by the company over the years and the contribution made to the development of manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province, and placed high hopes on the development of the company. He hoped that the company would make great efforts to seize the opportunity of rejuvenating the old industrial base in Northeast China, actively innovate and forge ahead, develop more and better equipment, and promote the development of the company We will make greater contributions to the development of regional economy and science and technology.