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Magnetic materials industry research newsletter

2015/09/28 13:18
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Last week we magnetic materials industry three listed companies Ningbo Yunsheng, Zhong Ke San Huan subsidiaries, Hengdian East magnetic research, and company executives about business conditions since the fourth quarter of 2008, the future development of the new energy strategy and magnetic field in expand communication situation.


Magnetic material is in the system and the mechanical kinetic energy conversion of each core devices. In terms of electrical energy into mechanical energy, magnetic materials in various types of motors, appliances, speakers, computers and other consumer electronics and other fields have a wide range of applications, and the mechanical energy into electrical energy, magnetic materials in the field of wind power and other new energy sources also have new development.


From the perspective of industry chain, upstream and downstream of the domestic industry with the advantages of magnetics. Raw materials and downstream aspects of support so that China magnetic materials enterprises to grow and become a major source of Japan, Europe and the United States outside of the magnetic material manufacturers. Although inferior to Japanese TDK and other leading vendors in terms of technology, equipment, raw materials, but the domestic enterprises such as Zhong Ke San Huan, Ningbo Yunsheng, Hengdian East magnetic has become a leader in the sub-sectors, and has advantages of scale and lower bargaining power, and the gap between the world's leading manufacturers are also reduced. The recession led to the collapse of domestic SMEs but also to provide opportunities for leading manufacturers. Thus, although the performance of three companies in 2008 were flat or declined slightly, but the overall performance is still better than the electronics industry average.


Demand decline since the fourth quarter of 2008 and lower inventory clearance behavior impacts to the three companies. After the November orders and capacity utilization decreased and reached a low in January. But manufacturers orders picked up significantly in February, capacity utilization rise from 50-60% to 60-80% level by the end of February and expect a further rise in capacity utilization. For this improvement can be sustained requires further tracking. The three companies are expected in 2009 and 2008 largely flat performance.


Ferrite and NdFeB in performance and price advantages and disadvantages, interoperability is not an alternative space. However, due NdFeB small size, light weight, magnetic strong advantages, a higher proportion of new application areas of energy and environmental protection, better growth. NdFeB compared to two vendors, Zhong Ke San Huan through the market for technology sales agent model has become the industry leader, but the sustainability of this model yet to trace. The Ningbo Yunsheng independent R & D and magnetic mechatronics mode allows the company the ability to grow in slightly better.


The research topic of our new energy markets of concern to communicate: wind power, Ningbo Yunsheng and Zhong Ke San Huan two NdFeB enterprises have been involved in the wind power generating magnetic field will become 2009 growth performance, three Ring higher proportion of wind power business. The Ningbo Yunsheng and southwest wind power joint venture of US small wind power equipment business will achieve a certain amount of production in 2009.


Hybrid vehicles, NdFeB magnetic future will be the main motor of the hybrid vehicle.


Ningbo Yunsheng currently involved in new energy automotive NdFeB material and motor areas of research and development, future need further follow relevant developments. Hengdian East magnetic additional projects Automotive Motor magnetic tile is mainly used in automotive conventional motor, although nothing to do with the new energy theme, but because the market is occupied by Japanese and other foreign manufacturers, there is still much space. 2009 is expected to have a production line, and all equity investment will improve as demand and market development in 2010 - completed in 2011.